What We Do

01 Landing Page

A quick and effective way to make yourself known – your landing page will tell your client exactly who you are and why they need you!

Because Quality Matters!
02 Corporate Sites

Whether it is a big retail shop, or a small brick-n-mortar store. , we collaborate closely with our customers to create a digital bridge between the products and potential customers.

Because Quality Matters!
03 Online Stores

Since more people are shopping from home than ever before, Web Set Easy delight in creating mega-convenient, speedy online stores, that ensure customers never leave empty-handed!

Because Quality Matters!
04 Domain/ Hosting

What’s a website without a great domain name and quality hosting? We offer our clients an optional service of Domain/ Hosting to ensure business runs smoothly.

Because Quality Matters!
05 Graphics Design

It’s no secret that Graphic Design can make or break your brand. Web Set Easy can take all your design and marketing needs off your hands, and manage your brand across every platforms, to give you an edge over your competitors.

Because Quality Matters!
06 Content Writing

As we know written content is the absolute foundation of all websites and marketing. However alone your site just has a wall of text. Web Set Easy professionals write creative content, to make the user interested in your business.

Because Quality Matters!
07 Search Engine Optimization

We work with you to make your content more relevant to the kind of visitors you’re looking to work with. Web Set Easy will find the right keywords and search phrases that people are using and optimize your site to better serve what these visitors are looking for.

Because Quality Matters!
08 Social Media Marketing

We will help you achieve your marketing and brand goals across social media. Whether you are looking to gain new business from social media platforms or manage your relationship to your audience we can make it happen.

Because Quality Matters!
09 Web Maintenance/ Support

Every Website need to be monitored and maintained once built to ensure they remain up-to-date and secure. We offer our clients an optional but highly recommended maintenance and support plan for a small monthly fee. We will monitor your website and ensure its constantly updated, backed up, and generally well-maintained.

Because Quality Matters!
10 Reliable Security

Having a reliable security on your website, makes you tension free form hackers. Web Set Easy helps to keep your site secure, constantly updated, backed up and well maintained, so you user your websites without any fear. Because if you use a CMS, regular updates will prevent you from bugs and decrease security risks.

Because Quality Matters!

We Love to Work Hard and We Always Please Every Customer

Design can be art.
Design can be aesthetics.
Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.
Paul Rand, Graphic Designer
The expertise in fashion photography is strongly influenced by our interest in architecture and our technical approach to shape light and composition. With passion, we deliver digital projects.
Sean Tyes, Art Director
For the past four years, we've always been enjoying to experiment new technologies, working with people coming from different backgrounds and creating products that solve business & people needs.
Rhye Kinsey, CEO
We love to design handcrafted intefraces and stylish interactions. We believe good design solves business problems. With passion, we deliver digital projects that impact people lifes
Mark Johnson

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